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Become a 59shop supplier

If you are a inventor, developer, manufacturer or wholesaler, and you expect to have the potential to become a 59shop supplier

Contact us at supplier@59shop.dk or call us at (+45) 59595959

What do we offer?

To be your online go-to-market channel in scandinavia

59shops explicit focus is to have a selected and exclusive product portfolio - where innovation, design and quality are our number one priority

59shop will be your business extended arms in our local market, where we have deep knowledge of the opportunities and barriers

59shop has a large network both when it comes to B2B and B2C channels, in the Scandinavian market

59shop does not carry multiple brands or varieties where the item is essentially the same, except when it has a house brand to sell, typically under the electo® name.

59shop supplier strategy results in high volume of sales from every single brand and it gives a highly focused sales effort and deep understanding of the products unique selling points

59shop is 100% cloud-based, from customer contact to billing-payment, and IP telephony

59shop is operated from any location with internet access

59shop has a very flexible ERP and sales system that comes with, and extensive customer database

59shop cloud-based set-up, is highly scalable and flexible

59shop house brand business philosophy is called electo® - In Latin electo means preferable or to make a choice or to select, seek out, identify, simply to choose.

It also means exquisite - selected - exclusive

With our house brand electo® we give you the opportunity, to choose a professional e-wholesaler, who has chosen to deal directly with both commercial and privates - with a fine selection of products and logistics solutions.

You save money, time and frustration by failing to brand your product in Scandinavia, and instead you can partner up under the electo® brand.

Get an exclusive electo® house brand partner agreement with 59shop

 Contact us at supplier@59shop.dk or call us at (+45) 59595959

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